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AVT Staff in Elkins Auditorium

Audio Visual Technologies

Mission Statement

Audio Visual Technologies (AVT) is the IT team focused on academic and event technology support across all of Pepperdine University's Southern California campuses.  We plan, design, and integrate audio visual technology for more than 200 classrooms and conference rooms to standardize and improve academia and collaboration.

Contact Us

  • Business hours: 8 AM - 5 PM 
    Mon - Fri
  • Location: Google Map
  • Email: avt@pepperdine.edu
  • Phone: 310.506.6953
  • Office: Thornton Administration Center, 177

The Big Picture

 Best Practices

  • Partner
    • Please reach out to AVT with service requests as early as possible.  The earlier we receive requests, the better we can partner with you to achieve success.  With over 2,500 requests submitted per year, AVT does its best to coordinate with all of our Pepperdine partners.  Proper notice gives us the best opportunity to execute high-quality experiences.
  • Plan
    • For event requests, we recommend event organizers submit an AVT Event Request Form two weeks prior to the event.  This helps AVT coordinate resources and plan event details.  Communication is crucial, and AVT will enter the event information into Google Calendar, consult with organizers, and make necessary modifications.  AVT appropriately advises stakeholders on developing action plans and scheduling necessary resources in advance.
    • For project requests, we recommend preparing a detailed list of requirements as well as a budget.  The sooner we have this information, the faster we can execute the installation.
  • Practice
    • Dry runs or practice sessions are highly recommended for all events and involve the following steps:
      1. The event organizer solicits and gathers all electronic presentation materials (e.g. PowerPoint, Keynote, video) ahead of time on a thumb drive or other portable data device.  Note: Streaming or online media is not permissible. For streaming requests, please contact the IMC department.
      2. The event organizer loads presentation materials onto a single laptop computer or portable data device.
      3. AVT provides the event organizer with a checklist for the presentation system.  Examples include updating the laptop's operating system and presentation software ahead of time, turning off any notifications, and closing any non-essential applications, especially email and streaming media apps.

 What We Do

  • Academic Support
    • In partnership with all Pepperdine schools, AVT manages the AV systems in each classroom at every Southern California campus.  AVT also leads the AV Refresh Program, a portfolio of projects that refresh approximately 20% of classroom AV systems each year with modern, effective, and collaborative technology.  AVT plans and coordinates while third-party AV vendors are contracted for installation.
  • Maintenance and Monitoring
    • Throughout the year, AVT oversees the maintenance and monitoring of classroom AV systems. Partnering with local IT technicians, AVT minimizes technology downtime by routinely conducting service checks on equipment.  In addition, AVT and local IT technicians help faculty resolve in-class AV issues to ensure minimal impact on teaching and learning. Please reach out to your local IT technician for assistance.
  • AV Projects
    • AVT partners with university departments to upgrade or install new AV equipment into staff-owned spaces including conference rooms, offices, or shared spaces.  Through the AV Project Request form, AVT works with stakeholders to gather requirements, develop scopes of work, coordinate with AV vendors, and manage project budgets.
  • Event Support
    • AVT helps plan and execute thousands of on-campus events every year.  If you would like to request AVT event support, please contact AVT.  For inquiries regarding the Smothers Theater space, check out Pepperdine Facilities.
    • For after-hours event support, send an email to AVT and we will provide a list of authorized third-party event support vendors.  AVT does not provide event support outside of normal business hours.

 AV Spaces

  • AV Prototype Space
    TAC 177 conference room
    Located in TAC 177A, the AV Prototype Space showcases new technologies for potential classroom and conference room integration.  The space is regularly updated with new features and functionality.  If you would like to schedule a visit, please reach out to AVT to make a reservation.
  • Elkins
    Elkins Auditorium
    Elkins Auditorium is Seaver's premiere lecture hall and event space.  Refreshed in 2020, the room utilizes the following equipment:
    • Audio
      • 5.1 surround sound theater audio
      • 32-channel audio mixer console
      • Wireless lavalier and handheld microphones
    • Video
      • Laser Projectors
      • Rear projection screen
      • Lecture capture capabilities
      • Touch-screen lectern monitor
      • Tech station feedback monitors
      • Touch panel controllers
      • Live-stream web cameras
  • Classrooms
    PLC 167 classroom
    AVT maintains and monitors all classrooms across all southern California campuses.  Some rooms have specific items tailored toward certain subjects, and standard classrooms contain:
      • Laser Projector
      • Electric screen
      • Wireless lavalier microphone
      • Ceiling or wall-mounted speakers
      • Podium with a PC
      • HDMI input wall-plate
      • Touch panel controller
  • AVT was instrumental in the implementation, training, and support for our enhanced learning spaces.
  • Conference Rooms
    Detail image of AV components
    AVT maintains and supports conference rooms across all southern California campuses. Some rooms have specific items tailored toward certain uses, and standard conference rooms contain:
      • Web camera
      • Google Chromebox or PC
      • Bring-your-own-device capabilities
      • Laser projector or TV display
      • Microphones
      • Speakers
      • Touch panel controllers

 Meet the Team

  • Sean Kalaras, Team Lead
    • Email: sean.kalaras@pepperdine.edu
    • Phone: 310.506.6954
    • Bio: Sean began his career in professional audio at New York's School of Audio Engineering (SAE) Institute where he studied Audio Technology and Media Production.  Upon graduation, he worked in the greater New York area as a freelance engineer in studio recording and audio post production.  In 2012, Sean returned to SAE as studio technician and part-time instructor covering subjects such as drum recording, digital audio workstation basics, and soldering for electronics.  In 2015, Sean reallocated to Southern California to pursue a career in commercial AV.  After landing at Pepperdine, Sean took over the role of Team Lead of Audio Technologies in 2017.  Sean is passionate about technology and finding new and exciting ways it can be utilized to help the Pepperdine community learn and grow.
  • Jordan Seah, Lead Technology Analyst
    • Email: p.jordan.seah@pepperdine.edu
    • Phone: 310.506.4953
    • Bio: A Seaver alumnus, Jordan majored in media production and is currently pursuing his Pepperdine MBA.  He has been a Church of Christ member since his parents joined the Pepperdine family in 2005.  This community was a powerful catalyst for him to grow his AV knowledge becoming a music director for The Well (Campus Ministries).  Jordan has worked for AVT since 2015 and currently serves as the AV Lead for Wednesday morning chapel in partnership with the Spiritual Life Office.
  • Cale Watson, Senior Technology Analyst
    • Email: cale.watson@pepperdine.edu
    • Phone: 310.506.7486
    • Bio: Cale started his Pepperdine AVT career in 2017. Prior, he earned degrees in Computer Information Technology and Electronic Media Management from California State University Northridge in 2015.  After graduating, Cale worked for large media companies including NBCUniversal and The Walt Disney Company.  Armed with an amiable attitude, Cale is a team player who loves learning about and implementing new technology.  In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with friends, spending time with family, playing video games, and going to Disneyland with his annual pass.
  • Ramela Tehrani, Technology Analyst
    • Email: ramela.tehrani@pepperdine.edu
    • Phone: 310.506.6913
    • Bio: Ramela earned her undergraduate degree from California State University Northridge before joining the Pepperdine community in 2016 at the Boone Center where she worked and took classes toward her MBA.  Ramela was hired into the AVT team in 2018 as a Technology Analyst and completed her MBA in 2019.  She brings a fun and positive outlook everywhere she goes and enjoys working with the rest of AVT.

Audio Visual Technologies

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