Registration for the Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 semesters is approaching. The following information should help you make the most of your registration experience. If you need assistance during registration, OneStop will be available to advise you and help you register from 7:00am – 5:00pm on Tuesday, November 5th through Monday, November 11th (not including weekends). 

Attention: WaveNet doesn't always cooperate with Safari. If you have a Mac, try using Firefox.

For a successful registration experience, please follow the steps below.

1. Look Over Your Degree Audit Report (DAR)

2. Build a Course Schedule and Choose Alternate Course Options

  • Review the Schedule of Classes in WaveNet. Click on Student Services, then either Add a Class or Wishlist.
  • Note the available courses that you need in the Schedule of Classes and use these course options to begin building your schedule. If a "must have" course is not available, contact the Division Office that offers the course to see when it will be offered in the future.
  • Select several alternate courses that will fit around your "must have" classes to use in the event that a particular course you selected closes before you register.

3. Clear All Registration Holds

  • Prior to the beginning of pre-registration, visit the Student Services area of WaveNet to see if you have any registration holds.
  • Resolve any holds that appear prior to your registration time by contacting the department that placed the hold.
  • Students with less than 60 units completed must be cleared for registration by their advisor. Students enrolled in a First-Year Seminar may be cleared by their seminar professor.

4. How to add/drop during the designated period.

5. Before you modify your schedule, please keep in mind the following:

  • Dropping below 12 units or registering in more than 18 units will affect your charges and financial aid.
  • If you withdraw from all of your courses for the semester, you will incur a $150 withdrawal fee.
  • Be sure to check that your desired class is open before you drop one in which you are already enrolled.

6. View Your New Schedule

  • Visit the Student Services area of WaveNet and view your student schedule.