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How to Register via WaveNet

  1. Login to WaveNet.
  2. Enter your username and password into the appropriate fields and select the Login button. If you do not remember your username or password, contact the help desk by phone at (310) 506-4357.
  3. From there, you can find instructions on how to register on WaveNet here: Registration Instructional Video

When you finish registering be sure to select logout and close your web browser. If you wish to change your course schedule during the open enrollment period simply follow the instructions in the link above to drop or add courses.

If you have any questions during the process of online registration, contact OneStop by phone at 310.506.7999.

Use the Wish List!

Log in to WaveNet. Click on Student Services, then wish list. Pick the appropriate term and then search for classes. Each selected class will appear in your wish list. When your registration time comes, you can select classes from your wish list instead of browsing for each class. Keep in mind, just because a class is in your wish list doesn't mean that you are in the class or that you are guaranteed to get in a class. You still need to complete your registration at your appointed time.