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Seaver Center for Teaching Excellence Blog

Professor standing in front of his class

Maximizing The Minutes Before Class

Use the minutes before class to prepare students for the learning they’ll soon experience.

Reflection of student in class

Utilizing Classroom Assessment Techniques

Discover new classroom assessment techniques (CATs) that can you implement immediately.

Seaver professor in his office

How-To Enhance Your Paper-Grading Workflow

Discover how technology like Adobe Acrobat can help you provide student feedback faster.

Collection of books in Payson library

How-To Utilize Discipline-Specific Journals

Discover which pedagogical journals are available in your discipline and how they can improve your teaching practices.

Students taking notes

How-To Help Students Take Better Notes

Discover how the Cornell note-taking method can help students take effective in-class notes.

Color correction chart

Color Deficiency Preparedness

Learn how to create materials and presentations that are color vision deficiency friendly.