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Before You Go

Arriving to DC

Group Flight Information

Fall 2017 

Spring 2017 

Academic Year 17-18


International Study Tour (IST)

Each term all program participants and staff will travel internationally for our International Study Tour (IST), also known as the EFT in the other IP Programs. In the past the DC Program has travel to places like Morocco, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Dubai. The DC Program IST is designed to give students a truly immersive experience in another country and culture. Before departure, students will participate in discussions, workshops, and lectures to prepare them for the trip.

Currently, the program will travel to Berlin, Germany for the Fall IST and to various cities in Peru for the Spring IST. Due to the length and nature of the summer session,  international Study Tour's are not offered during the summer term. 

    • Fall 17 IST Dates: September 30th- October 6th, 2017
    • Spring 18 IST Dates: February 16th-February 23rd, 2018


Resources to help you prepare for the IST: 


Weekend Travel 

Washington DC is strategically placed where you can explore many historical areas in the northeastern part of the United States. Many students enjoy weekend trips to New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, and many more! Students have also explored beyond just the northeast traveling as far south as Florida and as far north at Niagara Falls. Below are some resources for planning amazing weekend getaways.