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What Students Say About Relationship IQ

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Student Quotes

  • I LOVE the Relationship series. They truly are informative and engaging. - Small Group Participant
  • This class has saved my relationship with my girlfriend, added a new dynamic to my friendships, and strengthened my bond with my parents. - First Year Seminar Participant
  • This experience has been a blessing. I will need the information from other classes for my career, but improving my relationships with others and God will follow me in everything I do. - First Year Seminar Participant

What did you Learn from Relationship IQ?

  • I used the skills we learned to resolve a major conflict we had in the dorm. I was surprised how well it worked. - First Year Seminar Participant
  • Some of my relationships have been in a bad place for awhile. This group came at the perfect time to learn how to heal those relationships and start over again. - Small Group Participant
  • I've learned how to handle my relationships in a healthy and positive way. – Small Group Participant
  • A lot of the information seemed like things someone would know to be true, but the group was able to help us put a name to things happening in our relationships that helped us to better deal with it. – Small Group Participant
  • I've learned about virtues that are important to develop in order to have healthy relationships. - Small Group Participant
  • I learned the importance of forgiveness. - Small Group Participant
  • I learned a lot about myself and how my relationship with God will affect my relationships with men. - Small Group Participant
  • A long successful marriage is possible. – Small Group Participant