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Relationship Educators

Relationship Educators are Pepperdine University students selected and trained by the Boone Center for the Family's Relationship IQ Project to effectively plan, run, and lead interactive presentations about healthy relationships. The presentations are usually made as a team with two educators involved and conducted in places such as classes, clubs and organizations, dorms, and convocation programs.

Relationship Educators receive valuable training and experience! This unique opportunity will enhance your professional abilities, your personal relationships, and gives you the edge for competitive psychology positions and graduate level programs. Learn how to conduct effective presentations, expand your knowledge of healthy relationship development, and contribute to the relational health of students.

Previous Relationship Educators have said:

"The training and experiences are such a wonderful adjunct to my education that it seemed like I should be paying for the experience as a class rather than getting paid for it as a job." – Meghan Owenz

"I would encourage others to become a RE because it teaches you team building skills, communication skills, public speaking skills, and so much more. I think it is very worthwhile, because while you are helping and teaching others, you are also doing this for yourself at the same time. These lessons are so ingrained in my head that I will carry them with me always." – Eleni Faklis

To apply please download the appropriate application and submit complete applications to Kelly Haer.

Additional positions with rIQ are available. Please click here for a full listing of positions with Relationship IQ.

Direct questions and applications to:

Kelly Maxwell Haer, PhD, LPC
Relationship IQ Program Director
310.506.8561 (fax)