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rIQ Team

The rIQ Team is a group of students interested healthy relationship development. Students help design and implement all areas of the Relationship IQ Project.

What would you like to do?

  • Create fun videos about relationships by acting in, writing, or filming the video
  • Help run rIQ events
  • Plan and run Relationship Week
  • Become a student leader in club convo
  • Research relationships
  • Write articles and website content
  • Promote rIQ in classes and with friends
  • Promote rIQ events
  • Participate in intensive training sessions and workshops
  • Learn how to talk with friends about their relationships
  • Develop new ways to communicate healthy relationship skills to students

We'd love your ideas, opinions, and help with rIQ. Please join the team!

Call or email us now to get involved or to find out the time for our next rIQ Team meeting!

Kelly Maxwell Haer, PhD, LPC

Relationship IQ Program Director

Phone: 310.506.8551