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Who We Are

The Student Alumni Organization (SAO) is an organization of students committed to serving Seaver College and George Pepperdine College and creating connections between students and alumni. SAO consists of an Executive Board and leadership team. The organization is entirely student led and is advised by Seaver College and George Pepperdine College Alumni Relations.

Join Us! Applications Found Here.

SAO is welcoming Pepperdine students to apply for the 2019-2020 SAO team. Please apply by March 8th, 2019. Interviews will begin the following week.

Team member applications can be found here. Executive Board members can be found here.

If applying for Executive Board, you do not need to fill out a separate team member application. If you are not selected for an Executive board position, you will automatically be considered for a team member position.  

Executive Board Position Descriptions:

1. President

2. VP of Operations

The VP of Operations assists the President with general tasks, takes attendance, takes notes during meetings, manages the SAO Google Drive, acts as representative during events needing SAO reps such as club fairs. 

3. VP of Marketing

Marketing members spread the word about SAO events by updating social media and designing creative advertisements. Responsibilities generally include creating various forms of media to attract students to events.

4. VP of Alumni Connections

Alumni Connections members are responsible for recruiting alumni to attend networking events like Night2Networks or Hang 10 Dinners. Responsibilities include emailing and calling alumni and staying in contact to maintain the student/alumni relationship.

5. VP of Special Events

Special Events members are responsible for organizing SAO events. This involves catering, locations, and decorations for both networking events and events designed for students like Spirit Week and Senior Nights.

Responsibilities Include:

- Working with Vice President to execute goals, create and fill specific leadership roles as necessary.
Example: A leadership member serving with the Marketing Team will be tasked with creating posters for SAO events (Night2Network, Hang10 Dinners, etc), updating the SAO Facebook Page, etc.
- Attending weekly meetings with Vice President
- Attending weekly SAO meetings and any "ALL Member" functions (Alumni events will sometimes take the place of these meetings)
- Attending SAO sponsored events (Night2Networks, Hang10 Dinners, Spirit Week, etc)
- Working in the SAO office as needed


sao members at founders day

SAO Social Media

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Get Involved

Student members of SAO have unique opportunities to serve, lead, and represent Seaver College both on campus and at alumni events. If selected to be a member, involvement is essential and extremely rewarding. We enjoy our time as students and as a club; it is a privilege and something we take pride in. If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, click here to learn more or contact us at the information provided below.


Parents and Friends: Help Support Our Efforts!

In keeping with our mission statement, we develop student/alumni interaction, pride, and spirit through various events, programs, and fundraisers throughout the year. One way we raise money for our programs is through the sale of Survival Kits. Parents or friends can order kits for their students at any time throughout the school year! To order CLICK HERE