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This is the project and document archive for the Pepperdine University Center for Faith and Learning. Use the list below to download various projects and documents produced by or pertaining to the Center for Faith and Learning.


Project Archive

The Legacy of The Pepperdine Voyage: A Lilly Endowment Program on Vocation


Document Archive

 Document  Date
Learning By Reflection: When Vocation is Not (Yet) Conscious, John Barton February 2024
Better Religion by John Barton Book Panel Discussion Video February 3, 2023
A Mysticism for the Rest of Us Talk by Gary Selby Video December 8, 2022
Center for Faith and Learning Leads Exploration of Faith and Vocation with Faculty Retreat in Buenos Aires, Argentina (article) July 21, 2022
Discussing Race, Faith, and Education with Dr. Willie James Jennings (video) January 26. 2021
The Pepperdine Table, John Barton December, 2020 (Revision of "Revisiting 'The Idea of a Christian University' for a Time of Transition," 2019)
"Interfaith Prayers for a World in Crisis" hosted by University Chaplain Sara Barton (video) April 5, 2020
"Interfaith Prayers for a World in Crisis" hosted by University Chaplain Sara Barton (audio only) April 5, 2020
Revisiting "The Idea of a Christian University" for a Time of Transition, speech recording by CFL Director John Barton with response by Provost Rick Marrs in commemoration of the presidential inauguartion of Jim Gash September 26, 2019
The Kibo Group Series, John Barton:  PART 1      PART 2      PART 3 March 2017
Pepperdine Magazine, Setting the Open Table, John Barton Spring 2017
Theological Reflections on Christianity and Islam, John Barton, Lipscomb University February 2017
Graphic article on CFL Convocation Series March 29, 2017
Center for Faith and Learning Report 2015-2016 2015-2016
Pepperdine Magazine article on New Faculty Retreats Fall 2015
Pepperdine Magazine article, When Learning Rocks Your Faith Spring 2015
Pepperdine Magazine article on COMMUNITAS Pastoral Leadership Program Spring 2015
Pepperdine Magazine article on Fall 2013 C.S. Lewis events Fall 2013
Graphic article on new CFL Director Chris Soper September 2005
Graphic article on Religion and Public Virtue conference February 2003
Scholarship, Pepperdine University, and the Legacy of Churches of Christ 2004
"Exploring Vocation: Finding Your Heart's True Calling" by Gary Selby Summer 2009
"The Idea of a Christian University" by Richard T. Hughes celebrating the inauguration of Andrew K. Benton September 2000


Student Project Archive

Students awarded service grants and internship awards.

Title Student Group/Individual Date
Banking on Trust website trailer MicroFinance Club 2011-2012
Hope & Victory in Malibu article Nevin James Rock Opera 2011
Moksha trailer Moksha Liberation student group 2009
The Kind Campaign website trailer Lauren Parsekian and Molly Stroud Thompson 2009
Just Like You video Jerry Darko, GSBM 2009