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General Reference

  • Data Hierarchy
    Contains the data hierarchy as it pertains to data imported into the CRM from various University systems.
  • TargetX Recruitment Manager Schema
    Shows how the base objects TargetX uses relate to each other as a high level schema.
  • SFDC Data flow diagram
    Shows how data get into and out of Salesforce and what is integrated into Salesforce.
  • Advanced Reference
    Some details that should be helpful for advanced users.
  • IMG Media & Sources
    This shows a list of the referral media and sources the IMG has standardized upon CSV File Download.
  • Field Definitions
    Your magic ball of all the fields, picklists, and 'what for' of our Salesforce fields. Includes PeopleSoft mapping when applicable. Fields are arranged by object.
  • Event Colors by School
    List of field colors to use when creating events. The color is required.

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