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The CRM Governance Oversight Committee is an 12-member institutional governing body that represents all of Pepperdine University's five schools and certain key major areas.  The committee owns the campus-wide CRM vision and strategy, and is empowered to guide the CRM program to meet the institution's strategic goals.


The CRM Governance Oversight Committee is empowered to:

  1. Develop and maintain an institutional CRM roadmap that describes the plan for enhancing the CRM program over time and how these enhancements support the institution's mission, vision, and strategic goals.
  2. Develop and oversee a CRM Center of Excellence by developing best practices for CRM use across the institution that includes maintenance of a CRM data dictionary, data accuracy and integrity, and FAQs.
  3. Establish CRM policy and procedures, and an ongoing training program for new and current users to ensure consistent and effective use of the CRM system.
  4. Oversee and approve the best use of the CRM budget to further extend CRM benefits across the institution, and facilitate the request of new funding as appropriate.
  5. Approve and prioritize new CRM projects such as new implementations and major enhancements to be added to the CRM program, new user groups to be migrated to the application, or new apps or business processes to be implemented and supported with CRM.
  6. Oversee and manage the change control process for CRM production.  This is the formal evaluation and approval process for configuration changes to the University's Salesforce CRM platform, used once CRM is in production to ensure that proposed changes do not negatively impact any group's usage of CRM and that they are aligned with the overall CRM roadmap and to communicate these changes to the various CRM constituencies.

Committee Membership

The CRM Governance Oversight Committee is comprised of 12 members, one representative from each of the following major areas and divisions (in no particular order):

  1. Graziadio Business School (represented by Arman Davtyan) - Co-Chair
  2. Graduate School of Education and Psychology (represented by Luke Phillips)
  3. School of Public Policy (represented by Sheryl Covey)
  4. Caruso School of Law (represented by Terry Utter)
  5. Seaver College Admissions (vacant)
  6. Seaver College Alumni Relations (represented by Matt Ebeling) - Chair
  7. Advancement and Alumni Affairs (represented by Tracy Rolston)
  8. Integrated Marketing Communications (Nate Ethell)
  9. Student Affairs (represented by Brad Dudley)
  10. Registrar's Office (vacant)
  11. Finance Office (Laura Ponder)
  12. Information Technology (represented by Jonathan See)

Ex-Officio Members: CRM Administration Team (represented by Lesbiz Tovar, Ryan Kim, and Christian De Casas)

Membership Requirements and Qualifications

Each representative shall serve a minimum of two years.  Important qualifications for members include:

  • Can accurately represent the needs of their constituency to the committee and be in a decision-making position for their area and the institution as a whole
  • Can understand how changes to the CRM program will impact their constituency


The CRM Governance Oversight Committee meets on the first Tuesday of every other month from 9 AM to 10:30 AM via in-person and video conferencing.