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Committee Members


In calendar year 2013, a cross-section CRM Program Committee was formed and charged to review and recommend an enterprise CRM solution to the executive sponsors.  After 10 months of careful review and deliberations, the committee broadly selected Salesforce as the recommended CRM platform.

Special thanks and recognition to:

  • Brian Thomason, Associate Vice President and University Controller
  • Gary Mangiofico, Associate Dean of Fully-Employed and Executive Programs, Graziadio Business School
  • Michael Williams, Associate Dean of Full Time Programs, Graziadio Business School
  • Lee Kats, Vice Provost for Research and Strategic Initiatives
  • Bob Clark, Executive Director for Alumni Affairs
  • Matthew Midura, Associate Vice President, Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Tracy Barry Rolston, Executive Director of Advancement Services and Public Affairs
  • Melinda van Hemert, Assistant Dean for Student Services, School of Public Policy
  • Matt Ebeling, Executive Director of Alumni Affairs for Seaver College
  • Michael Feltner, Associate Dean, Seaver College
  • Michael Truschke, Dean of Admissions & Enrollment Management, Seaver College
  • Phil Bohl, Assistant Dean, Information Services, Caruso School of Law
  • Tom Inkel, Database Coordinator, Advancement, Alumni and Public Affairs, Caruso School of Law
  • Michelle Blas, Director of Student Services, Graduate School of Education and Psychology
  • Ashish Regmi, Director of Technology, Graduate School of Education and Psychology
  • Andrea Harris, Senior Director, Student Administrative Services, Student Information Services
  • Lesbiz Tovar, Director, Enterprise CRM, Information Technology
  • Jonathan See, Chief Information Officer *
  • Robert "Bob" Schumacher, RGP Consultant *
  • Sarah Soriano, Special Project Assistant *

* Support capacity only