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In 2007, a group within the Student Government Association (SGA) proposed that Pepperdine should install digital signage displays on campus. The University Management Committee (UMC) approved a digital signage pilot project for the 2007-2008 academic year. The UMC appointed a task force chaired by Mark Davis, Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Student Affairs, to manage the project. In summer 2008 recommendations for future expansion were presented to the UMC. During the pilot phase Jennifer Christy, project manager for the Dean of Student Affairs, served as the administrator for the project.

Digital signage is an educational tool designed to create an informed community through the announcement of events and the distribution of other information of interest to the community (e.g., accomplishments, services, PSAs, classroom or schedule changes, etc.). Digital signage will not be used for outside advertising, classified announcements, or events or announcements that do not support the mission of Pepperdine University. The project is funded by individual departments.

SGA's goal is for this tool to be both informative and educational by highlighting exciting events and academic projects. Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to submit announcements to share with our community to