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Content Creation


If you would like to advertise on digital signage, please submit your content using the Content Submission form. There are a variety of supported formats (see below).

There are a variety of content creation programs available.

Static Content

Static content means a simple image. To create this style of content, perhaps the most common and simple application is Microsoft PowerPoint. Macintosh users may prefer to use Keynote instead. These applications allow you to build a slide with a colorful background, images, and text boxes. Adobe programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator may also be utilized. Regardless of the application used, the content must be saved in a flat image file format (eg. .jpg, .gif, or .png).

Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content generally refers to moving imagery like a video. Advanced users may choose to create video content using Keynote, iMovie, or any number of other video creation applications. Please keep in mind that large file sizes (more than 30 megabytes) entail lengthy upload times. Video content must be submitted in .avi format.

Other Content Guidelines

For specific guidelines regarding the creation of content, formatting, and timelines, please visit the Content Guidelines page.