Recognition and Awards

Graziadio Business School Awards

Rankings: The Graziadio School's degree programs have been recognized among the nation's best by some of the most distinguished authorities in business including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Financial Times. The Graziadio School is honored to be considered among the top 100 of more than 2,000 business schools in the nation.

Graziadio Staff Excellence Awards

Recognizes and rewards outstanding staff members who have made significant contribution in advancing the mission and work of the Graziadio School in the following areas.


Year Collaboration Going the Extra Mile Innovation Leadership Rising Star Service to the Student
 image Anita Yepez Edwina Geronimo Christina LeRubio Ken Murphy Margo Bell Kellsie Groff Kallan Picha

George Awards

Each year, the George Awards honor some of the finest members and partners of the Graziadio School community. Recipients exemplify integrity, stewardship, courage, and compassion, while enriching the ever-changing business world through their superior skills and entrepreneurial spirit.

Student Awards
Recipients have maintained a minimum 3.5 GPA, completed at least two trimesters, and served as outstanding leaders in the classroom.

Alumni Award
Alumni George Award recipients have demonstrated leadership and initiative toward advancing the Graziadio School’s alumni network.


Outstanding Staff Member
Represents a member of the Graziadio School family who has helped to enhance the mission and reputation of the Graziadio School.

Faculty Award
Presented to a faculty member whose commitment to teaching personifies personal leadership, excellence, and generosity of spirit.

Community Service Award
Awarded to a member of the Graziadio School family who has displayed unwavering dedication to community service.

Pepperdine Honors

Pepperdine strives to reward employees for their work and recognize them for their achievements. All employees are invited to attend one of the year's biggest events, the annual Pepperdine Honors faculty & staff appreciation dinner.

Service Award Program
The Service Award Program provides recognition of continuous service for eligible employees of 1, 3, and 5 year levels, and each additional 5 years thereafter (10, 15, etc.). Continuous service is reduced by part-time status or leave of absence in excess of three months. Employees who were previously employed by the University in a regular faculty or staff position are eligible to receive full service credit towards continuous service for service award purposes.

Staff Achievement Award
The Staff Achievement Award is a $1,000 cash award given to a staff member whose daily life in the workplace is a model for all. Any member of the Pepperdine faculty, staff, or student body can make nominations for this award.

S. DavisWaves of Service Award: (Winner 2012 - Sharon Davis)
The Waves of Service awards thousands of dollars each year in honor of alumni and Pepperdine community members involved annually in service through their careers and volunteer activities.
Graziadio staff member Sharon Davis received the Faculty/Staff Waves of Service Award at the 2012 Pepperdine Honors. The award recognizes Sharon for embodying the University mission and for her contributions to ensuring a better society through selfless acts of service. For the honor, the University awarded $1,000.

Waves of Innovation
Launched in April 2013, the Waves of Innovation program was created to foster and reward creativity and stimulate ideas within the Pepperdine community.  Its goal is to make us a more resourceful, efficient, impactful, faith-based, and global institution.   Innovative ideas with the greatest potential impact will be rewarded.

GEO - Enhancing Community and Communication