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Supervisor Toolkit Overview

This site was designed to help you onboard your new employees. The primary goal of onboarding is to decrease the time it takes for a new hire to reach minimum expected productivity levels. That being said, you play a critical role in ensuring that your new hire has a positive experience at the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School.

According to a webinar held by DJS & Associates for the Human Capital Institute, "onboarding" has a broader perspective than "orientation". It begins before the employee's start date and lasts up to 12 months. It stretches out information delivery over a period of time to avoid information overload, and it adds additional levels to corporate orientation. It can also help internal transfers and newly merged employees.

By allotting time for your new employee to review the information contained in Waves 1-5 and spending time discussing it with him or her, you'll set the stage for success. We encourage you to review all of the information contained in Waves 1-6 and to take responsibility for knowledge transfer.

Supervisor Tools & Resources (HR)

Pepperdine's Human Resources Department has developed a multitude of tools to help you manage effectively and positively. HR's community site provides forms and guidelines for staffing changes and performance management as well as other useful information such as the Top 10 Reminders for Supervisors, the University's Onboarding Kit, and Development Resources.

Supervisor Checklists (GEO)

To supplement HR's Supervisor Tools & Resources, the GEO team has created checklists specifically to assist Graziadio supervisors. We recommend using these checklists to ensure that all Graziadio employees have a consistent onboarding experience.

Staff Announcement Guidelines (GEO)

To help you introduce your new employee to the Graziadio community, the GEO team has created a standardized photo announcement. The announcement is one of the most important ways you influence how welcomed and valued your employee feels, so you should ideally send it on your employee's first day of employment and no later than his or her first week of employment.

Kronos Guide and Payroll

Please click the link to access user guides for the Kronos Timekeeping System and Payroll Information.