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Graziadio Research

Pepperdine Graziadio research initiatives align with our greater school mission to advance business practices that serve a greater good.

Center for Applied Research

Research Presentation

The Center for Applied Research, led by Dr. Zhike Lei, focuses on values-centered leadership and social responsibility and aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice, while supporting the Graziadio hallmark emphasis on knowledge and education that has direct applications and relevance for working professionals. The Center fosters research that will make an impact on the business community and the world at large.

Current Research

Private Capital Markets Project Led by Associate Professor of Finance and the Executive Director of the Peate Institute for Entrepreneurship, Craig Everett, the Pepperdine Private Capital Markets Project advances ongoing research to understand the true cost of private capital market types and the investment expectation of privately-held business owners.

Values-Centered Research Faculty dedicate their time, experience, and scholarship to research areas such as corporate social performance and leadership ethics. Fully aligned with the School's mission and hallmark values, this research and thought leadership produce actionable results that serve to promote better business practices.

Research Presentation 

Graziadio Business Review

The Graziadio Business Review (GBR) is an online, peer-reviewed journal that delivers relevant business information and analysis for business, government, and non-profit managers. GBR authors translate the latest academic research and analysis into practical applications for business. The GBR includes:

  • Editorials
  • Book Corner
  • Video Library
  • Interviews

Working Paper Series

The Graziadio Working Paper Series features research from faculty that may be in its early stages prior to publication, but already has meaningful insights to be shared with academia and the business community.

To learn more about research at the Graziadio School and how to support this research, click here.