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Staff Announcement Guidelines

Congratulations: You have a new hire or promotion to announce!

Since the announcement is one of the most important ways you influence how welcomed and valued your employee feels, you should ideally send it on your employee's first day of employment and no later than his or her first week of employment.

The attached worksheet was designed to help you effectively introduce your employee to the faculty and staff community. While it isn't mandatory that you use this worksheet, you may find it helpful when composing your announcement.

The distribution steps are outlined below and on the worksheet.  Please contact Courtney Scott (x5624) for additional assistance.

Steps 1-2 To Be Completed By Supervisor a Week Prior To Employee's Start Date:

    1. Inform your hire that, as part of the introductory process, you will send a photo announcement of them to the faculty and staff community on their start date. If your new hire does not have a professional headshot to include with their announcement, please have your new hire send you their best "selfie" or other photo, preferably dressed in professional attire.

    2. Write announcement in a Google document, collaborating with new hire, as appropriate. Please limit announcement to 250-300 words.

Steps 3-4 To Be Completed By Supervisor By Noon On Employee's First Day:

    3. Insert the new hire's headshot into the shared Google document. 

    4. Share the Google doc containing the headshot and announcement that has been reviewed by your new employee with Courtney Scott, Associate Director of People Operations. Please do not share any information that would cause discomfort to your employee.

Steps 5-6 To Be Completed By PGBS People Operations & PGBS Marketing By 2:00 pm On Employee's First Day:

    5. PGBS People Operations reviews the announcement, adds employee's contact information, and shares with PGBS Marketing.

    6. PGBS Marketing converts the information into a standardized template and sends draft to PGBS People Operations and Supervisor for review and approval.

Steps 7-8 To Be Completed By Supervisor By 4:00 pm On Employee's First Day:

    7. Review draft announcement for accuracy.

    8. Send approval to PGBS People Operations and PGBS Marketing to distribute the new employee's announcement to the PGBS faculty and staff community.