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Book Orders

Course Adoption Form

The Associate Dean's office works with Publishers and the Campus Bookstore to make sure all faculty members have submitted reading lists for all classes listed on the schedule. Adjuncts are encouraged to submit this information to the Associate Dean's office quickly once their teaching assignments have been confirmed. While it is understood that some adjunct assignments are accepted close to the beginning of term, everyone is encouraged to send the reading list as early as possible. The bookstore works with distributors and suppliers to get students the best offers and deals on reading material.

Below is a link for our online Course Adoption Form. Please complete as many fields as possible and be sure to check the appropriate box for books that are required vs. recommended. Also indicate any books of which you may need a desk copy and refer to the information below. If you do not need the remaining book title fields, be sure to check "NO TITLE" for each remaining field. Information submitted from the form will automatically be sent to the Office of the Associate Dean for processing. If you requested desk copies, you will be notified when your order arrives.

If you have any questions or technical difficulties, please email GSEP Education Division.


Desk Copy Request Policy

Many publishers offer faculty free copies of books that are being used by their students in the classrooms. The Associate Dean's office processes these applications from faculty, and work with the publishers to have the desk copies available as quickly as possible. Sometimes there are unforeseen delays and a requested book cannot be sent out in time for the faculty to utilize it prior to the beginning of class. The Associate Dean's office policy is to order desk copies from our bookstore for faculty with an Online Course Adoption Form submitted in advance of the start of class, where the publisher has been unable to deliver it in time. It is NOT the policy of this office to order books for faculty who have not submitted an Online Course Adoption Form but still require a book to be purchased for their class. However, it is at the discretion of the Associate Dean whether approval is given to the office to purchase a Desk Copy if an adoption form is late or missing. All such requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.