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FAQ's for Adjunct Faculty

Where do I send my syllabi each term?

As part of the WASC accreditation requirements, faculty are to submit a syllabus for all classes they are teaching. Therefore all adjuncts are required, as soon as their teaching assignment is confirmed, to complete and submit a syllabus to the Associate Dean's office, either electronically or via mail.

Please email syllabi to: Office of the Associate Dean

It can also be mailed to:

Associate Dean's Office
GSEP Education Division Pepperdine University
6100 Center Drive, 5th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90045-1590

When will I have access to faculty IT systems such as Wavenet, Sakai, and Elluminate?

IT access is dependent upon the creation of your contract and processing of new hire paperwork. Most IT systems will be available to you within a week of your contract creation.

May I attend an orientation or receive one-on-one help with IT systems used by faculty?

Yes! Please click here to request an IT Consultation: IT Teaching Request

I need help with Courses (powered by Sakai). What should I do?

IT can help! Click here for more information. IT and Learning Information

Is there a web guide for faculty to see all of the most commonly used IT tools and services?

Yes! Check out the New Faculty and Staff Technology Guide from Pepperdine IT.

I have too many email addresses! Do I have to check my Pepperdine email account?

Yes! Pepperdine offices only use official Pepperdine emails to inform you of important information. Find out more about Pepperdine email services.

When will I get paid?

Adjunct faculty are paid bi-weekly. The pay schedule can be found here: Payroll Schedule


FAQ's for University Field Supervisors

What forms do I submit after I visit my student and/or site?

All evaluations are done online. It is not necessary to complete a Midterm or Final (these are done by Master Teachers). Your students information and observation forms are located on TaskStream. No paper documents are submitted to ensure a smooth process and to keep our office paperless.

How do I utilize TaskStream and who can help me with it?

Upon being hired, your Director of Clinical Experience should familiarize you with TaskStream. However, for further questions you can call the TaskStream help line at 800-311-5656 or contact Lory Selby at:

Do we get mileage for driving to our school sites?

The first observation visit is considered your office. You can claim mileage for any schools you visit after that initial visit. If you only have one student to supervise you get no mileage. If you do report mileage, please download the form here: Mileage Log You also need to include a word doc with the entire google map link showing your route to and from your first site to the next.

How do I log my hours and how do I get paid?

You are paid hourly and must enter your hours worked into Kronos at

Your payroll schedule, as well as deadlines for when hours must be submitted, can be viewed here: Biweekly Payroll Schedule. Please review the following document that explains how to record your hours: Kronos User Guide. If you are unable to access your Kronos Login, please contact your appropriate Payroll Specialist to be sure you’re set up in our system correctly: Contact Payroll. For additional questions, please contact our Help Desk at 866-767-8623.


General FAQ's


WaveNet is an online portal that connects the Pepperdine University community. Faculty and staff members can access intranet resources, as well as PeopleSoft human resource and finance applications. In addition, students can register for classes, check grades, make payments, access numerous library research databases, and much more! To access, click here:

Class Roster

Information Technology Class WaveNet Guide


Information Technology General Email Information

Sakai (renamed "Courses")

Courses Documentation and Support


Faculty, staff, and students should call the IT Service Desk for immediate Courses support: (310) 506-4357 (HELP).

IT Service Desk

Teaching Tools

Technology & Learning Help Pages

Pepperdine IT Help Desk

Call the Help Desk 24x7
Phone: (310) 506-4357 (HELP)
Toll free (USA): (866) 767-8623
Hours: 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year

Campus Operators
Campus operators are on duty 7 days per week to direct callers to the correct office or individual. Dial (310) 506-4000 to access this service.