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Faculty are responsible for entering an earned grade for every student on the class roster during designated grading periods. The grading period for each terms begins at 8:00 a.m. on the last day of the term, marking the close of the term. Grades for the class are due the Wednesday after the term ends. Term beginning and end dates, as well as the designated grading periods each term can be found in the academic calendars located at: are expected to plan assignment due dates and vacation time in accordance with term dates.

Email reminders regarding the GSEP grading period will be sent to your Pepperdine University email account two weeks prior to the start of the grading period by the GSEP Registration Office

Detailed grading instructions can be found by selecting this available PDF link: Grading Instructions

Important Grading Notes:


  • Grades for student and University records are recorded on the grade roster in your Faculty Center.
  • Grades are submitted through your Faculty Center in WaveNet (not Sakai). To avoid error in the assignment of grades, do not import grades from your grade book in Sakai. Enter grades directly to the grade roster in your Faculty Center. 
  • Review the grading rubric in your syllabus to ensure it matches the one located on Sakai. The Gradebook is based on a default grading system. For assistance with the Gradebook, contact
  • Double check your grading calculations before saving grades on the grade roster. 
  • The instructor of record is responsible for inputting and submitting all grades for his or her respective courses. If a student is listed on your roster, but did not attend class, and a 'W' has not been assigned, do not enter a grade. Instead, email the GSEP Registration Office with the student's name, CWID, and course number. GSEP does not use the grades of 'NG', 'WP', or 'WF'. Do not assign these grades to your students for any reason. Additional grading policies are outlined under Academic Polices in the GSEP Academic Catalog. 
  • Academic policies governing the assignment of Incomplete (I) and In-Progress (IP) grades can be found in the GSEP Academic Catalog available at:
  • Grade changes for error in assignment, or I/IP, must be submitted electronically through Etrieve. Log in with your network ID and password by selecting the title of the form: Grade Adjustment Request


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