Grading Policy

The GSEP grading period will commence on the last day of the term at 8:00 a.m. and will close the following Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. Term beginning and end dates are located in the Education Academic Calendar. Be sure to plan assignment due dates and vacation time in accordance with term dates. E-mail reminders regarding the GSEP grading period will be sent to your Pepperdine University e-mail account two weeks prior to the start of the grading period by the GSEP Registration Office.


Grades are submitted through your Faculty Center in WaveNet (not Sakai). To avoid error in the assignment of grades, do not import grades from your grade book in Sakai. Enter grades directly to the grade roster in your Faculty Center. Be sure to double check your grading calculations.


The instructor of record is responsible for inputting and submitting all grades for his or her respective courses. If a student is listed on your roster, but did not attend class, and a 'W' has not been assigned, do not enter a grade. Instead, an e-mail to the GSEP Registration Office with the student's name, CWID, and course number. GSEP does not use the grades of 'NG', 'WP', or 'WF'. Do not assign these grades to your students for any reason. Additional grading policies are outlined under Academic Polices in the GSEP Academic Catalog.


A grade of "I" (Incomplete), indicating incomplete work, may be assigned by the instructor to a student who has attended class but who, due to an emergency late in the term, fails to complete the final examination or project. Course work must be completed by the end of the subsequent term, at which time the instructor will change the "I" to an earned grade. A time period of less than one term to complete the course work may be assigned at the instructor's request. An incomplete grade not changed by an instructor after one term automatically becomes an "F." The Veterans Benefits Administration is also notified whenever a student receiving veteran's benefits allows a grade of "I" to lapse into a grade of "F."


Students who experience extenuating circumstances during a term resulting in excessive absence from class sessions should request to withdraw from the course rather than receive an "I." Students who receive a "W" (Withdraw) from a course due to extenuating circumstances may submit a Letter of Credit request to repeat the course. Students with grades of "I" are not eligible to repeat the course.


A grade of "IP" (In Progress) is assigned at the end of the term only in courses that, by catalog definition, are allowed more than one term for completion (e.g., student teaching, clinical practicum, and internship.)

If for any reason you need to change a student's grade, submit a Grade Adjustment Request (GAR) form to the GSEP Registration Office.


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