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GSEP Faculty Association

Name and Purpose

Name: The name of this organization shall be the Faculty Association of the Graduate School of Education and Psychology, hereafter referred to as GSEP/FA or the Association.
Purpose: The purpose of this organization shall be to provide for the development, maintenance, and improvement of GSEP within the framework of the Christian principles and purpose, as cited in the University mission statement; to serve as a basis for the enhancement of faculty morale and improvement of communication among GSEP faculty members and the administration at all levels within the University; to facilitate cooperation within GSEP and between GSEP and the balance of the University; to provide an opportunity for members of the faculty to express their opinions on matters of University policy; to act as a sponsoring group for GSEP organizations not expressly set forth elsewhere within GSEP; to formulate, evaluate, and recommend policies to administration; and to serve as a medium for expressing the opinions of the association.