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In Case You Missed It... Influencing Positive Team Culture Workshop

In case you missed it, on July 20, 2023, Corrie Napier led a workshop on how Pepperdine employees can build trust within their teams, address common team challenges, and navigate conflict constructively. This was one of our best-attended workshops and we are eager to continue to bring you effective and quality programming. If there are specific topics you would like to see in the future, please reach out to Pepperdine's Employee Engagement team.

Pax Napier Resources to Develop Positive Team Culture:

Below, you will find additional resources and ideas to continue positively influencing your team’s culture as we move into a new academic year. Some events are currently open for registration and please look out for future events in emails from Human Resources.

Resources at Pepperdine to Develop Positive Team Culture

  • Attend social events together (Family Picnic, Pepperdine Honors, Advent Service and Reception, Holiday Receptions)
  • Engage with learning and development resources (Rising Professionals event, Recognition, and Gratitude workshop, Effective Listening and Communication workshop, Goal Setting and Personal Vision Statement Quick Guides)
  • Audit classes at Pepperdine’s Straus Institute or another program
  • Host monthly all-staff meetings for intentional connection
  • Prioritize annual retreat days or off sites
  • Volunteer in a Step Forward Day or other volunteer event together
  • Take a group fitness class together
  • Take DiSC assessments to learn about behavior and communication styles
  • Facilitate team building and development activities
  • Use these five activities to start meetings, energize the group during longer sessions, or finish with a shared experience

Pepperdine’s Employee Engagement team is also available for consultation on additional resources, activities, and ideas for further influencing your team culture.