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RelateStrong Workshop

In partnership with the Boone Center for the Family, Human Resources invites you to an interactive, interpersonal RelateStrong workshop, where you will learn: 

  • A Vision Worth Changing for: “Us-ness”
  • A Map for Managing Emotion: Pain and Peace Cycles
  • A Pathway for Conflict Resolution: The Four Steps
  • The Goal: Transformed Self and Relationship

RelateStrong supports all people in learning how to have healthier relationships at work, at church, at home, with children, and in your friendships. In this workshop, you will have opportunities to discover the ways that past pain can show up in conflict with others, learn how to meaningfully connect with others through these moments, and utilize tools available to develop greater understanding of others. 

RelateStrong is built on a foundation of theology and Restoration Therapy – a Marriage and Family Therapeutic Model. The model integrates sound psychological concepts with solid theological principles and teaches current therapeutic practices including self-regulation, attachment, and mindfulness.

This session will be limited to 20 participants. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Please join us in Kresge Reading Room on June 16 by registering here.