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Resilience is something everyone can grow in over the course of their lives. It's your ability to stand up to, recover from, and adapt to episodic challenges and major disruptions in your life. Strengthening resilience requires developing a mental culture of preparedness, resourcefulness, and self-compassion in the face of adversity. Building greater resilience can help you more effectively cope with challenges at work and home, lead more effectively in the workplace and even improve your overall health.

At Pepperdine, our hope is to offer resources to help you grow in multiple areas of your life. Below, we have listed a few resources that we hope can help you on your resilience growth journey. 

Resilience in the Workplace

While challenges are always present in the workplace, the pandemic has presented unique challenges to all employees, no matter what your title and responsibilities.

Personal Resilience

Resilience is dynamic, meaning there are science-backed methods we can learn and implement in our personal lives to help us respond to challenges and bounce-back when life gets hard.

Parenting Resilience

Parenting is hard in ordinary times, but the past year has made the task of raising kids and being a parent even more challenging. However, with a resilience-focused approach, positive changes can occur no matter where you and your family are on the resilience path.

Resilience in Crisis

Models of Resilience Articles

  • Resilience Doughnut
    • An evidence-based model of resilience that offers individuals and parents a model to operationalize and develop a game-plan on improving specific factors known to increase resilience.