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Thrive Faculty/Staff Wellness Program

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Pepperdine offers the Thrive Wellness Program as an additional benefit and educational opportunity to faculty and staff. The Thrive Wellness Program believes wellness is a multidimensional concept that includes providing health education to promote the seven dimensions of health. These are defined as a balance of physical, social, spiritual, psychological, occupational, intellectual, and financial health.

Promoting wellness involves proactively assisting others in increasing their awareness of personal and community health, helping to change attitudes so changes in behavior are possible, and searching for alternatives to improve health and overall wellbeing. A fuller measure of health and a better quality of life is within our personal grasp – the Thrive Wellness Program is dedicated to promoting a healthy family at Pepperdine.

Pepperdine offers the following programs and resources for all interested employees:

Wellness Program Portal

Resources include: Access to personal wellness coaches, health competitions, workshops, fitness trackers, tobacco cessation and other programs and incentives to engage in good health. Employees can access the portal at


Wellness Dimensions

  • Physical
    Intramural Sports Leagues, Recreation Classes, Club Sports, Aerobics, Weight Center, Immunizations, Blood Pressure Screenings, and Nutrition Classes
  • Professional
    Management Training and Professional Development Classes, Lunch and Learn Classes, Training Seminars, Resilience Tools
  • Psychological
    Employee Assistance Program, Mindfulness workshops, Faculty and Staff Chaplain
  • Spiritual
    Morning Prayer Meetings, Harbor Conference, and Service Projects
  • Financial
    Lunch and Learn Classes, Training Webinars, and Retirement Consultants
  • Social
    Events to encourage friendship, networking, and healthy relationships

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