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Annual Web Accessibility Training Course Enrollment

Last year IMC’s Digital Marketing Team created a course to educate the Pepperdine community about digital accessibility. The course covers the definition of accessibility, how it works on the web, best practices, and how to identify and fix common accessibility issues.

This was a part of the University’s larger goal and initiative to become an inclusive community that provides accessible technologies. All Pepperdine web editors are required to take and pass the university's web accessibility training module on an annual basis to ensure they understand the basic concepts of accessibility and how to abide by them.

May 2022 marks the second year of the training course so many web editors may soon, or have already, received an email from LearnUpon, Pepperdine University Learning Management System, about their course re-enrollment.

As a reminder, the course is required to take each year and the web accessibility training process is as follows:

  • All Modern Campus CMS users will be required to complete and pass the training to gain or keep their web editing access.
  • Each year, they will be re-enrolled in the course to maintain their access.
  • Enrolled users will be sent reminders to complete the training by a set due date.
  • If a user does not take the accessibility training during the allotted time frame then their access will be suspended.
  • If a user fails the training module they will be required to take it again. If they don't pass their third attempt, their supervisor will be contacted and their access suspended.


Learn more about Pepperdine’s web accessibility training process or Pepperdine’s Web Accessibility Policy.