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Pepperdine Magazine's New Digital Experience

Explore the new look of the Pepperdine Magazine online. Here is a look at what's new.


  • Curated homepage featuring new and trending articles
  • Organized issue layouts to explore past issues as a whole
  • Advanced search options to find articles based on author, issue/date, category, titles, or keywords
  • Added web structured data and SEO enhancements to improved visibility and sharing of the magazine
  • Improved mobile responsive layout to carry the magazine experience from desktop to mobile
  • Improved security, speed, and consolidation of content managment systems
  • Elevated connect areas allow users to easily find resources to subscribe to the newsletter, send a letter to the editor, or learn more about the magazine
  • Larger layouts with more visuals to help elevate visual storytelling
  • Unique look/style that modernizes the magazine within the Pepperdine brand



Pepperdine Magazine redesigned main page

Pepperdine Magazine redesigned article page

Pepperdine Magazine redesigned search page

Pepperdine Magazine redesigned archives page

Pepperdine Magazine redesigned issue page