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Vital Summer Security Preparation

How to ensure access to the Pepperdine network

SecureConnect login

The month of April brings a host of noteworthy events in the Pepperdine community including the end of spring semester, Commencement, summer sessions, and an eye toward seasonal vacations.  It means achievement, bright horizons, and new adventures.  And now that the Pepperdine faculty and staff are enrolled in SecureConnect, there is one more vital step to ensure a safe journey through all those wonderful experiences.

This is the perfect time to enroll a second device in SecureConnect to protect your access to the Pepperdine network and all your data.  As the summer months lead more people away from Pepperdine's campuses, it is not uncommon for devices to be lost, stolen, or damaged.  But for those who have registered a second device through SecureConnect, you will secure a seamless transition with Pepperdine network access until you replace your primary device.

You can also ensure your Pepperdine network access without a connected device using a one-time passcode.  You can generate a one-time passcode – good for up to 90 days – to keep in a safe, personal location to be used to log in to your account if your connected devices are unavailable.  For more information on how SecureConnect can help ensure your Pepperdine network access this summer, check out the IT website.