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Configure Devices for SecureConnect

How SecureConnect Works

SecureConnect adds security to your University account by verifying your identity with a trusted device.  Manage your devices by logging into SecureConnect and following the instructions below.

Manage Your Account

Add A New Device

Update Your Default Device

Generate A One-time Passcode

Connect a Device After Losing or Replacing a Device

Use A Second Connected Device

No Second Connected Device

Add A New Device

  1. With your new device in hand, log in to SecureConnect
  2. Click "Manage Devices" then "Add a New Device".
  3. Select the type of device you would like to add from the dropdown menu.
  4. Enter the phone number to your device (if applicable).
  5. Connect your device.
    • Landline: You will receive an automated voice call that will provide authentication instructions once you answer.
    • Mobile or Tablet: You will see a QR Code appear on webpage.  Scan the QR Code or send an SMS text to complete.

      Scan QR Code

      • Download the DUO Mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to your device.
      • Open the App and press the new key icon.
      • Scan the QR code using the DUO Mobile app on your device, making sure your device is parallel with the screen.
      • Hit "Complete" on the SecureConnect webpage to finish the setup.

      SMS Text

      • Select the "SMS Text" button underneath the QR code.
      • Download the DUO Mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to your device.
      • When you receive the text message, click the link in the text to open the DUO Mobile app and connect connect your device.
      • Hit "Complete" on the SecureConnect webpage to finish the setup.

Update Your Default Device

You can update your default device that SecureConnect automatically looks to first when you are trying to log in. Update your default device:

  1. Log in to SecureConnect.
  2. Click "Manage Devices" to view your connected devices.
  3. Select "Manage" next to the device you would like to set as your default.
  4. Click "Make Default Device" to set a new default.

Generate a One-time Passcode

One-time passcodes can be used once to log in without the use of a connected device. You can generate multiple one-time passcodes in advance to keep them in a safe, personal location to be used to log in to your account if your connected device are unavailable.

These passcodes have a limited duration of one to 90 days, specified when they are generated. To generate a one-time passcode:

  1. Log in to SecureConnect.
  2. Select "Generate Passcodes" from the main page.
  3. Choose how many codes you would like to generate and how long you would like them to be valid.
  4. Print the passcodes to store in a wallet, purse, or other secure personal location.

Connect A New Device With A Second Device

Making changes to your SecureConnect account requires a login as a security measure.  So, when a device gets replaced, lost, or upgraded, you can use a second connected device to log in and update your connected device list by following the directions for adding a device and setting a device as your default.

  • When you replace a smart device you need to connect it with your account.  Even if the new smart device is a smartphone that has the same number, you need to reconnect the app using the adding a device instructions.
  • If your replaced or lost device was previously set as your default device, hit cancel at the login prompt to log in with an alternate connected device.  Select your alternate connected devices and the authentication method (push, call, or passcode) to complete the login process.
  • Remove devices to which you no longer have access to keep your account safe.

Connect A New Device Without a Second Device

In the event that you have lost access or control of your only connected device, please call the IT Service Desk at 310-506-HELP (4357). Passcodes can only be provided during regular business hours, Monday through Friday. After the IT Service Desk validates your identity, they will provide a one-time passcode to log in to SecureConnect.

From there, you can add a device or two; we recommend that you maintain at least one alternate device, such as your work or home line, to access your SecureConnect account if your default device is lost or replaced. You can also generate one-time passcodes to keep in a secure, personal location if your default device is unavailable.

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