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American Bar Association/Law Student Division

Pepperdine Law

School Representative

Faculty Advisor


The ABA-LSD shall be responsible for furthering the purposes and goals of the American Bar Association (ABA), particularly to promote the full and equal participation in the profession by minorities and women; to represent law students in the ABA and to represent the ABA to law students; to help shape the policies and priorities that affect legal education; and to create a deliberative forum for the exchange and expression of law student views and a voice to advocate those views.


Interested in being a member or need to renew your dues? You can register in several different ways:

  • Pick up an application at the student organization fair
  • Pick up an application at the ABA table during the membership drive
  • Fill out an application on-line at

Member Benefits

 Find out more about the ABA and what it can do for you at!