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Honor Board


The legal profession has suffered a loss of credibility over the last several years, largely due to the transgressions of attorneys lacking integrity and moral character. Honesty and integrity are not tangible items issued to an attorney when he/she passes the bar. Rather, they are qualities learned and developed over the course of many years. If students do not already possess these qualities coming in to Pepperdine Law, the Honor Code is there to make sure they leave with them.

The Honor Code is a vital component of the overall experience a student receives at Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law. The primary job of the Honor Board is to educate students about the Honor Code and to assist in their development of the highest ethical qualities. Students are charged with knowledge of the Honor Code, and we are charged with investigating and prosecuting those who violate its provisions. Our task is an important one, requiring fairness, impartiality, and commitment. We seek to ensure that honor and integrity remain among the hallmarks of a Pepperdine graduate. In short, we maintain that integrity is a vital ingredient of honor, and honor is required for justice.


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