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Palmer Center Student Board

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Being a Palmer Center for Entrepreneurship and the Law Student Board Officer is just one of many opportunities in the Palmer Center. As Palmer Center Fellows, third year law students have a unique chance to develop a strong leadership and serve in building community to improve on prior PCSB success. The board will connect with entrepreneur-driven Palmer Center Alumni to create areas of interest to be the subjects of our lunch-hour presentations, internships, and career opportunities; as well as represent the Entrepreneurship and the Law Certificate Program to first year law students. 

The student board is continually being inventive, inspired, and driven by its Fellows between their work and the center's mission; to establish a pay it forward community of team collaboration, led by the Student Board, among its Alumni, Faculty, Fellows and Staff. The next Student Board is selected at the end of each year from 2L Fellows who have applied through the Student Board application process.