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Student Mentor Program Board


The Student Mentor Program consists of 2L and 3L student volunteers who understand how difficult it can be to transition to the lifestyle of a law student, and who want to ease that transition for our incoming class. Through this program, we surround our incoming class of 1Ls with upper-year students starting from the moment they step on campus for Launch Week. Our Student Mentors spend this week getting 1Ls acquainted with the layout of the law school, giving them advice on what to expect in the coming semesters, and getting to know them on a personal level. These connections can benefit the students later on when looking for outlines, or advice from someone who may have taken the same class in previous years.

Students can also sign up to be paired with a Student Mentor for the full academic year. This application is open year-long, so that students can elect to sign up later on if midterms or the Open Memo turn out to be more daunting than anticipated.

First year JD students can sign up for a mentor at any point during their first year. View the sign up form