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Business and Tax Law Society


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The Business and Tax Law Society is a student-run organization aimed at satisfying the continuing needs and interests of our members.

Mission Statement

The Business and Tax Law Society's goal is to reach out to the student body by presenting events relevant to business or tax. We host on-campus seminars and discussion panels throughout the year that feature alumni and other practitioners who speak about their experiences and give members different perspectives on the various career paths available for those interested in the fields of business, finance, and tax law.


In the past we have sponsored informational seminars hosted by law school professors, alumni, and working professionals. The objective of the seminars has been to introduce students to careers in the field of business and tax law.

We have also participated in the American Bar Association's "VITA" income tax program, whereby student volunteers have helped disadvantaged taxpayers prepare and file federal income tax returns.

Events are sometimes organized in conjunction with other student groups. For example, during the 2002-03 academic year we co-sponsored a blood drive with several other student groups from the law school. Also, during the 2001-02 academic year we co-sponsored a beach cleanup with two other student groups from the law school.

Suggestions for future activities are always welcome.


Meetings are generally announced in the Law School Dicta, campus postings, as well as list-serve announcements via e-mail.


We welcome anyone who has an interest in learning more about business and tax practice areas to join our Society - even if that interest is merely curiosity! If you want to join or have any questions, feel free to attend any on-campus meeting or e-mail us.