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Environmental Law Society (ELS)

Pepperdine University campus seen from the Malibu lagoon




Faculty Advisor 


The Pepperdine Environmental Law Society (ELS) is a non-partisan student organization working to address local, national, and international environmental issues by strengthening students' abilities to effectively contribute to the field of environmental law.

ELS facilitates development and expansion of the repertoire and diversity of student knowledge in the area of environmental law by hosting panel discussions and lectures on relevant environmental issues, connecting students with professionals in various environmental fields, working closely with faculty advisor Saxer who is publishing articles and textbooks in this ever-changing area of law, and holding events which promote appreciation of Malibu's gorgeous surrounding areas while creating a strong sense of community and camaraderie among members of the club. 

ELS is constantly expanding and adapting to reflect perpetual changes and progressing concerns in environmental law. In order to keep club functions and topics of interest fresh and relevant to both current events and student interests, ELS welcomes proposals for exploring new paths, novel ideas, and creative events. This flexibility helps fulfill our mission and creates an interactive and adaptive community, seeking to support each other in our common interest: preserving a healthy environment, prosperous economies, and vibrant communities through and beneath legal constructs.