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International Arbitration Society

Pepperdine University campus seen from the Malibu lagoon




Faculty Advisor 


a. Organizing events related to International Arbitration at Pepperdine University.  b. Promote and support participation in international moot court competitions such as the  Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, the Frankfurt Investment  Arbitration Moot Court or the FDI Moot and others alike; 

c. Maintaining a newsletter;  

d. To advance the reputation, interests, and growth of the PIAS and its members in the legal  profession and the academic community; 

e. To facilitate opportunities through its relationships with the global arbitration community; f. Cooperate with Pepperdine University and its other student organizations; g. To foster the exchange of ideas and promote a deeper understanding of the legal and  political trends in the international arbitration community;  

h. To embody a spirit of community and foster solidarity in its members through regular  social events organized by its elected officers.