Sports and Entertainment Law Society

Pepperdine Law


Kendall Deranek

Faculty Advisor

Maureen Weston

Purpose and Overview

The Pepperdine Sports and Entertainment Law Society is a student-run organization dedicated to providing information, career support, and networking opportunities for students interested in entertainment and sports industry careers. Our primary objective is to provide a forum in which students can meet, exchange ideas, and interact with prominent attorneys, agents, executives, professors, managers, and artists in the fields of sports and entertainment law.


President: Kendall Deranek (email:

Vice President: Caylor Albers (email:

Film/TV Chair: Rotem Peretz

Music Chair: Ajeya Woods

Sports Chair: Tatum Lowe

Social Media and Advertising Chair: Ani Khachatryan

Secretary: Andrew Porth

Treasurer: John Latson

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