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Student Plaintiffs Bar

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Faculty Advisor 


The Student Plaintiffs Bar is a student organization dedicated to the academic and social support
of students looking to become plaintiff-side attorneys who will represent the interests of victims,
advocate for consumers' rights, and equal access to justice through civil rights, employment law,
personal injury, medical malpractice, and similar specializations. We exist in collaboration with
local lawyer associations and charities, and provide students opportunities to access the experience
and connections of local plaintiff-side attorneys through virtual and in person conversations and
outside networking events.

The purpose of the Student Plaintiffs Bar is to offer interested students a venue for learning about
and discussing various areas of plaintiff-side practice. With an emphasis on furthering practical
experience through a variety of organizational sponsored activities. Additionally, the Student
Plaintiffs Bar seeks to provide highly qualified students with a practical legal education. Our goal
is to enhance the excellent academic experience provided by Pepperdine with practical experience
consisting of networking with working plaintiffs attorneys, exposure to various practice areas, and
offering a community of like minded students the space to learn and grow together. To achieve
these goals, the Student Plaintiffs Bar will work to create an intellectual network that extends to
all levels of the legal community.