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Spiritual Life

 Since Pepperdine is a law school rooted in the Christian tradition, it is unsurprising that spirituality is an important component of student life. While individuals from all faith traditions (and those with no faith tradition) are welcomed into the Pepperdine community, the Christian foundation of the law school is visibly expressed in a variety of ways.

Wednesday Night Bible Study

Professor Jim Gash and his family host a large group Bible study in their home each Wednesday of the academic year at 7 p.m. For Fall 2014, Professor Paul Caron and his family will host the Bible study while Professor Gash is in London. The Bible study is organized and led by law students and includes worship music, prayer, and a guest speaker. The majority of speakers are faculty, administrators and staff members from Pepperdine that the students invite to come and share their faith. For more information, contact Niki Cid or Charlie Walker, the student leaders of the Bible study, at or

Christian Legal Society

The Christian Legal Society serves as the primary community for Christian students at the law school. Although the Christian Legal Society does not host a large formal Bible study or prayer group, there are numerous small groups that form through and within the organization. For more information on the Christian Legal Society, including becoming a part of a small group, contact Charlie Walker at Robert.C.

Spiritual Life Advisors

Each year, the Student Life Office selects several emerging Christian leaders from among the first year students to serve as Spiritual Life Advisors. The selected students serve in this role throughout their student years. The primary role of the Spiritual Life Advisors is to serve as a liaison between the students and the law school administration in regard to spiritual life matters at the law school. The SLA group meets with the Student Life Office on a weekly basis throughout the academic year for discussion and prayer.

The Interfaith Student Council

The Interfaith Student Council was created to ensure that students from all faith backgrounds feel welcome in the Pepperdine community. The Interfaith Student Council meets throughout the academic year to discuss spiritual life matters at the law school and to get to know one another across religious lines. The members of the council represent all of the religious groups that exist in the student body of the law school. For more information on the Interfaith Student Council, contact any of the co-chairs at,, or