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Malibu Campus - Pepperdine University

Facilities Management provides facilities services to the Pepperdine community. This is accomplished through the maintenance, repair and general upkeep of all campus buildings, grounds, and infrastructure.

Landscape Services

Landscape Services provides turf management, brush clearance, litter removal, tree, and shrub care, fertilization, weed eradication, planting new plants, and wildlife management. Landscape Services maintains all of the University's hardscapes, ensuring that all pavements, sidewalks, athletic seating and other hard surfaces are clean and free of stains, tire-tracks, and debris.

Custodial Services

Custodial Services' primary activities are to maintain impeccable levels of cleanliness across the Malibu Campus. Custodial Staff restocks toilet paper goods and soap in public restrooms, as needed. Custodial Services provides athletic game and Convocation support cleanliness. In the residence halls and towers Custodians clean common areas, suite lobbies, and restrooms. In apartments, team members clean laundry rooms and exterior hallways and provide toilet paper for student's use.

Pest Control

Our beautiful campus is nestled in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, which is home to wildlife such as mountain lions, mice, rats, rabbits, skunks and raccoons. Because of our location, the presence of pests is inevitable.

To prevent infestations:

  • Avoid leaving food out at night
  • Don't leave dishes in the sink overnight
  • Keep your space tidy and empty trash frequently
  • Don't prop open outer doors for long periods

In addition to our Custodial Staff, who typically respond within the same day to provide pest control service, the University has a vendor who provides pest management services. Exterminators, on a regular basis, check for pests in all campus spaces. The exterminators report to the Department of Agriculture and adhere to earth-friendly pest management standards. Additional information is available at Poison Free Malibu.

Structural Services

Structural Services primary activities involve painting, drywall, signage, flooring, tile, suspended ceiling applications, and roofing. In addition, multi-craftsmen paint and touch up all areas within the student residential and academic and administrative office spaces. All doors and windows are repaired and/or replaced by Structural Services. Maintenance of millwork, window treatments and curtains, auditorium seating and furniture in common areas and exterior handrails is performed by the multi-craftsmen. All styles of flooring and tiles, grout and anti-slip coatings are the responsibility of Structural Services. To top it all off, all aspects of roofing, gutters, drains, and downspouts are all maintained by this department. In the event of water intrusion or microbial concerns, Structural Services responds and provides support.

Campus Lock Shop

Services include lock installation, maintenance, and re-keying services to meet your department needs as well as key issuance/replacement and individual and department key records and reports.

Electrical and Plumbing Services

Plumbing services primary activities involve gas, potable water, and sewage. They handle repairs, maintenance, and alterations to all indoor plumbing-related delivery and drainage systems. They also respond to all water and sewer leaks, including leaking faucets, showers and toilets.

Electrical Services primary activities involve the lighting and power systems across the Malibu campus. They handle all interior and exterior electrical-related maintenance and repairs, including lights, fixtures, outlets, and wiring. Electrical Services are the first responders to all requests related to elevators, automated gates, generators, and lighting.

HVAC Service

HVAC Service primary activities are to maintain, and to use web control to monitor, all mechanical systems to support the plumbing, irrigation, heating, ventilation and cooling systems across the Malibu campus. HVAC monitors, operates, services, and maintains the HVAC systems in residential housing and facility buildings. HVAC services the commercial kitchen equipment in campus housing, cafeterias, and storefronts, and maintains our pools/spas and fountains. In addition, HVAC maintenance and services the campus boilers, chillers, air handlers, and pumps.