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Malibu Campus - Pepperdine University

Facilities Services

The Department of Facilities Services (Facilities) maintains the buildings, grounds, and physical infrastructure of Pepperdine's campus. Our goal is to maintain and enhance the University's facilities so that they effectively serve the campus community and support Pepperdine's mission.

Landscape Services

The Landscape Services team changes 2,500 trash can liners each month. It takes 40 hours of labor to push-mow 1000,000 square feet of lawn on campus; and during the three summer months, the team uses 35,000,000 gallons of water to irrigate our campus' spectacular landscape.

Landscape Services primary activities are to maintain and enhance the natural beauty of the Malibu campus. They maintain all exterior campus grounds, including trees, lawns, fields and track, tennis courts, and all the planted areas.

Custodial Services

Our Malibu campus uses over 5,800 miles of toilet paper each year? That is enough toilet paper to roll all the way to New York, and back. While our custodial staff works hard to keep the campus clean. Students are responsible for the overall cleanliness of their apartments and bedrooms.

Structural Services

Structural Services repairs and maintains 1.7 million cubic feet of space on the Malibu Campus. Over the course of the year, structural services technicians complete more than 390 interior paint requests per year and replace more than 330 screens in the residential housing areas.

Structural Services multi-craftsmen assess all requests and communicate potential start dates and financial responsibility to the requestor prior to starting work. Many of the requests received require phased work, requiring the requestors to be prepared for, and anticipate, scheduling and multiple visits for some requests.

Lock Shop

The Lock shop maintains the campus mechanical and electronic Access Control lock system.

Plumbing and Electrical Services

Plumbing Services receives the most calls about clogs in the months of October and January followed by February, and they take care of more than 4,000 clogs per year.

Electrical Services replaces more than 10,000 light bulbs per year.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Services (HVAC)

Every year the HVAC team services 1,348 heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment systems, 274 pieces of food service equipment, 61 hot water heaters, and 49 boilers.