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Frequently Asked Questions

 What are DFS' Hours of Operation?

Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM.

For emergency maintenance issues after hours, call DPS at 310.506.4442.

Work requests can be placed online 24 hours a day.

 If a student has an emergency in their room, such as flooding or a leaky ceiling, what should I do?

Resident directors, resident advisors, and students can call DFS regarding emergencies.

Examples of emergencies are broken glass, overflowing toilets, flooding, leaking ceiling/roof, and tripped breaker.

The only work requests that should be called in are emergencies.

 What is an emergency?

In an emergency, call DPS at 310.506.4441.

An emergency is any situation that requires immediate assistance from the police, fire department or an ambulance.

Examples include:

  • Fire
  • Crime, especially if still in progress
  • Vehicle crash, especially if someone is injured
  • Medical emergency: unconscious, unable to breathe, experiencing an allergic reaction, chest pain, uncontrollable bleeding, etc.
  • Smell of gas

Emergency response by DFS aims to protect human life and to stop (or significantly reduce) any immediate damage to facilities.

Examples include:

  • Floods
  • Elevator issues
  • Sudden structural failures
  • Power failure
  • Doors, windows, or locks that are broken or cannot be secured

Service calls will be classified as an emergency when the service consists of correcting items that pose an immediate danger or health hazard to residents and/or threaten to damage property or violate security.

 What is urgent?

Urgent service calls are defined as failures in services that do not immediately endanger residents or property but would soon inconvenience and/or affect the health or well-being of residents.

Examples include:

  • Clogged or overflowed toilet in a suite with single toilet
  • Lack of light single light source
  • Lack of a single heat source

 What is a routine service request?

A routine service request is any task which does not meet the definition of emergency or urgent. Maintenance activities include keeping spaces, structures and infrastructure in a proper operating condition in a routine, scheduled, or anticipated fashion to prevent failure and/or degradation.

 How do I request routine maintenance?

Resident directors can request work through the Facilities online request form. As work requests are received, we prioritize them and assign them to a facilities employee. Routine work orders could take 30 days to complete.

 We found pests or rodents in a room, what should we do?

First, encourage students to use preventative measures. Store all food in solid, sealed containers that rodents and pests cannot access. A tupperware type product is an excellent solution to this problem.

Additionally, if you have your food stored properly and still have pests, complete a web work order request to DFS. We will investigate and contact our pest control contractor if needed, and have them bait and set traps.

 Can I call DFS directly?

Yes. DFS encourages you to use the online maintenance request form as a convenience to report issues that arise. However, if you have a maintenance emergency, please call us directly at 310.506.4101 during business hours and 310.506.4442 after hours.

 Will residents know if someone from DFS is coming into their room, or has been in their room to make a repair?

DFS employees will not enter a student's room before 10 AM, unless it is an emergency. When work is requested, the student should assume that a DFS employee would be in to complete the work order request within 10 days. DFS will only call if it is a major work that needs to be scheduled. We also try to call when a job cannot be completed and give an estimated completion time. Students do not have to leave their doors unlocked. The DFS employee will have a key to be able to enter the student's room to complete the work requested. DFS staff will leave a door hanger to make students who were not present aware of DFS staff having been in their homes.

 My room doesn't have a screen. Where can I get one?

Resident advisers should make out a work order request and forward it to DFS.

 If I have a complaint about something related to DFS, whom should I contact?

Students should contact their resident directors with any complaints. The resident director should contact the administrative assistant to the director of DFS, who will schedule a meeting with the appropriate DFS manager.

 What are residents responsible for cleaning?

As a resident, you are responsible for maintaining the condition of your room, suite or apartment. This includes all furniture, surfaces, and cleanliness. Damages to public areas or the common spaces will be charged to the responsible party, all residents may share collective financial responsibility for damage that occurs in suite common spaces, depending on the situation. There is not a charge for maintenance requests for issues that are accidental or normal wear. Please contact HRL for any questions regarding charges for damages to University property.

 Who can let me into my room/office? I'm locked out!

Academic Year
If you are locked out between:

  • 8 AM and 5 PM on a weekday, proceed to the Housing Office in Rho Parking Lot to pick up a temporary key
  • 5 PM and 9 PM on a weekday, proceed to Towers 168 to meet an RA for access to your space
  • 9 PM and 1 AM on a weekday, or between 8 AM and 1 AM on a weekend, call the RA on duty for your area
  • 1 AM and 8 AM on a weekday OR a weekend, call the DPS non-emergency line at 310.506.4442

If you are locked out between:

  • 8 AM and 5 PM on a weekday, proceed to the Housing Office in Rho Parking Lot to pick up a temporary key
  • 5 PM and 1 AM on a weekday, or between 8 AM and 1 AM on a weekend, call the RA on duty for your area
  • 1 AM and 8 AM on a weekday OR a weekend, call the DPS non-emergency line at 310.506.4442

If faculty or staff lock themselves out of their offices, they should contact DPS at 310.506.4442.

 Who can assist with moving or assembling furniture?

Moving services are provided free of charge for University business related moves. Moves are conducted utilizing professional equipment required to safely and securely handle University furnishings and equipment. Resources are limited and require sufficient advance notice of move requests. Typically, move requests need to be reviewed and walked by the moving staff to evaluate and estimate the full extent of the move. This should be done at least two to four weeks in advance of the move request. This will ensure a properly planned and safely executed move.
Requesting a move? Check out the requestor move form.


  • Student Housing Telephone problems: RD, RA or student should contact Tech Central ext. 4811.
  • Student Housing Washing machines: RD or RA should contact If the issue is water leaking, contact Facilities Services immediately.
  • Student Housing Vending machines: Machines are serviced by Business Services ext. 4561
  • Student Housing Door locks and keys: Lock and key issues should be reported to HRL as per procedures already in place.
  • Student Housing Satellite TV: Students should contact the HRL office for information. The Facilities department does not handle satellite TV service or repairs.

 What should I do with e-waste and old batteries?

Surplus e-waste items may be picked up by request through the IT Help Desk, these items will then be donated to Hope for Homeless Youth.
Battery Recycling
Used batteries can be dropped off at the following collection locations:

  • HAWC
  • OneStop
  • Sandbar
  • Lovernich
  • Payson Library

Explore Pepperdine University's recycling program.