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The Mountain at Mullin Park — Community Impacts Information

The Mountain at Mullin Park will bring Pepperdine University into the exciting next chapter of our Malibu campus. This web page is dedicated to providing our University community in Malibu, and around the world, with updated information on the ongoing construction effort. Toggle to updates by clicking on the links below:



Project Overview and Timeline


The Mountain will provide our community with parking, community gathering, and state-of-the-art athletic facilities. The University eagerly looks forward to opening The Mountain in the fall of 2026.

Construction of The Mountain will begin with the parking structure, set to break ground in early 2023. The Parking structure project will feature seven levels - five above ground and two below, adding 831 parking spaces to campus. The structure is anticipated to feature 42 electric vehicle (EV) charging spaces upon opening as well as infrastructure to support over 200 EV charging spaces in the future. The parking structure is scheduled to be completed in the Fall of 2024.

The Mountain parking garage - view 1

The Mountain parking garage - view 2

The Mountain parking garage - view 3

The University is scheduled to break ground on the other elements of The Mountain in early 2024. More information about these facilities will be posted when available. 



Groundbreaking Update

people with shovels digging in dirt on construction site

The Pepperdine community gathered at Rho Parking Lot on the Malibu campus to celebrate the groundbreaking of the Mountain at Mullin Park on September 20, 2023.

As one of the biggest transformations on the Malibu campus since the 1970s, The Mountain will be a place that nurtures students' minds, bodies, and spirits and builds a unique sense of community unlike any university in the country. 

Read more about the groundbreaking event.

audience sitting with streamers and confetti dropping

Jim Gash standing in construction equipment


What to Expect — Community Impacts

In order to bring about the incredible facilities and opportunities of The Mountain, we must work together to navigate the necessary construction efforts. The following section highlights some of the impacts that members of our Malibu campus community can expect. This page will be updated regularly as the project progresses and new information becomes available.

Last updated on 8/29/2023

  Hot Water Outage, Towers Residence Hall—August 31, 2023

As part of the ongoing utility improvements in South Towers Road, The Department of Design and Construction and the Department of Facilities will have contractors, Clark Construction, and Ferreira work on the gas line on Thursday, August 31, 2023, from 7 AM to 4 PM. 

Anticipated Impacts:

  • There will be no hot water in Rockwell Towers for the duration.
  • No noise impacts are anticipated

This is part of ongoing utility improvements on South Towers Road

  Marie Canyon Closure — Beginning April 2023

Marie Canyon is closed to recreational activities as of April 1, 2023. The space will be used by construction contractors and will store dirt accumulated from excavating the parking structure site. Marie Canyon will remain closed to recreational activity until the completion of the Mountain at Mullin Park, scheduled to be completed in 2027. In lieu of these recreational facilities, the University invested in additional maintenance of Alumni Park to support the expected additional use during this time.

  Rho Parking Lot Closure — Phased Approach Beginning Early 2023

The Mountain project site is located at the Rho Parking Lot. To mitigate construction impacts on parking, the University is employing a phased approach to the Mountain construction, beginning with the parking structure. Construction of the parking structure began in early 2023, overtaking portions of the eastern side of Rho Parking Lot. As of summer 2023, roughly 30 percent of Rho Parking Lot was taken offline to accommodate grading and excavation. The parking losses from this effort will be more than offset by the more than 300 parking spaces provided by the new parking project near the baseball field, plus the additional street parking along John Tyler Drive.

  South Towers Road Closure — Beginning Early 2023

South Towers Road is closed to through traffic, including pedestrian traffic, as of early 2023. In the summer of 2023, all of Towers Road will be closed to through traffic.

  Towers Parking Lot Temporary Closure — Summer 2023

Towers Parking Lot will be temporarily closed during the summer of 2023. Additional details regarding access to Towers Parking Lot during the 2023–2024 academic year are under development and will be shared when available.

  Demolition of Krown Beta — Summer 2023

To accommodate the construction of the Mountain, Krown Beta Residence Hall was demolished in the summer of 2023. During the spring and summer of 2023, underground utility work was performed to establish new utility connections at Krown Alpha.


Frequently Asked Questions

  When will construction on the Mountain begin and when will it be completed?

Construction on the Mountain began in the spring semester of 2023 for the parking structure. The parking structure is expected to be completed in the fall of 2024. Construction on the other Mountain facilities is expected to begin in the spring semester of 2024 and be completed in the fall semester of 2026.

  What is the impact of parking on campus?

Construction of the Mountain parking structure will take roughly 175 parking spaces offline from Rho Parking Lot. In early 2024, the rest of Rho Parking Lot, an additional roughly 400 parking spaces, will be taken offline. These losses are offset by more than 300 parking spaces that will be available in the new parking project near the baseball field plus the street parking along John Tyler Drive currently occupied by the project. Upon completion, the Mountain parking garage will provide 265 net additional parking spaces in replacement of Rho Parking Lot.

  How should pedestrians navigate around the construction site?

The University is finalizing the pedestrian walking paths to be used during the construction of the Mountain. When available, maps will be posted to this site and distributed to relevant mailing lists. Walking paths will be clearly labeled with signage throughout the areas surrounding the construction site.

  Who can I contact with additional questions?

Submit questions to the Department of Planning, Operations, and Construction by using this form.