Seaver College Student Spiritual Life

Athletics Department

The athletic department hosts an Athletics Sponsored Chapel (open to all) every week and also a student-led athlete small group that occurs weekly after athlete chapel. Most teams also have their own spiritual development.

Contact: Krista Lopata

Boone Center for the Family

Relationship IQ, a ministry of the Boone Center for the Family, equips students with the skills, attitude, and character associated with healthy relationships. Through psychoeducational presentations, small-groups, and mentoring rIQ helps young adults in their relationships with God and others.

Contact: Center for the Family, x4771

Campus Ministry

The Pepperdine Campus Ministry exists to glorify God by gathering college aged students in worship, study, prayer, community and service.

Contact: Dusty Breeding, Linda Truschke, x4504

Campus Recreation

Our many fitness and recreational offerings provide opportunities to enjoy the spiritual and mental as well as physical benefits of adventure, play, teamwork, and taking care of our bodies as the temple of God. A key feature of our Outdoor Recreation program is our biannual God in the Wilderness trip, which allows students to earn convocation credits.

Contact: Robb Bolton, x6327, Casey Gillam, x6783

Small group at Unplugged 2014 Retreat

Center for Faith and Learning

The Center offers support for faculty, staff and students in all five schools of the University as they seek to engage in cutting-edge, original scholarship and classroom teaching within a framework of Christian values and beliefs.

Contact: Stephanie Cupp, x4141

Convocation Series

The Convocation Series is dedicated to help Pepperdine students build Christian faith, affirm Christian values, and address the moral and ethical dimensions of current issues. A variety of program types are offered, from large group format of Wednesday Chapel to Club Convo small groups and one-on-one Spiritual Mentoring for students with a staff or faculty member, spiritual excursions, evening events, and modern language chapels. All Seaver students are required to attend 14 Convocation programs each semester totaling one half unit of credit towards GPA.

Contact: Convocation, x4999; Facebook:; Twitter: PepperdineConvo or #PepperdineConvo; Instagram: Pepperdine_Convo

FORM Meditation Movement

The practice of FORM presents meditation themes that promote overall calmness and the sharing of stories or life journeys. Integrating physical practices and ideas for creative expression encourages participants to be fully present with their whole being. After reflection and writing, we share with one another ways that each of us is growing in spiritual development.

Contact: Kathryn Linehan, (310) 569-1806

International Programs

The mission of Pepperdine International Programs is to provide students a life-changing international experience designed for intellectual, social, personal, and spiritual transformation. IP offers SALT (Serving as Leaders Together), a worship time for students going abroad.

Contact: International Programs, x4230

Stauffer Chapel

Office of the Chaplain

The Office of the Chaplain (OC) exists to invite the Pepperdine community to an ever-deepening relationship with God and others by affirming our community's faith, facilitating spiritual development, equipping ministry leaders, and providing pastoral care. The chaplains are available for pastoral counseling, encouragement, prayer, and spiritual growth to staff, faculty, and students.

Contact:  Lauren Leatherberry, x4545; Sara Barton, x4275; Eric Wilson, x4991; Gus Peterson, x4824; Chris Shea, x4999
Convocation Series
Student-Led Ministries

Pepperdine Volunteer Center

The Pepperdine Volunteer Center is a place where students, staff, and faculty members live the Pepperdine pledge, "that knowledge calls, ultimately, for a life of service." The PVC offers the opportunity for all Pepperdiners to engage in the local and international communities to explore and connect to God's call for justice in the world.

Contact: PVC, Peter Thompson, Justin Schneider x 4143

Religion Division

The Religion Division offers several undergraduate and graduate level programs with a variety of courses available in Biblical studies and languages, Christian thought, missions, and ministry.

Contact: Tiffany Ferguson, x4352
Ministry Internship Coordinator: David Lemley, x4281

Spiritual Life Advisors/HRL

The Spiritual Life Advisor program is a peer-to-peer ministry developed after Jesus' model of incarnational ministry. Students trained in and committed to Christian spiritual formation live in freshman and sophomore halls to provide spiritual resources (Bible studies, small groups, prayer, introduction to spiritual disciplines and friendship), support and care, and a safe space for all residents. The SLA program is supported by Housing and Residence Life.

Contact: Andrea Zahler, x7586

Student-Led Ministries

This office exists to help Pepperdine students grow in Christian faith and character by encouraging, promoting, and supporting student-led, Christian ministries.

Contact: Lauren Leatherberry, x4824
Current Ministries