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Graduate Student Spiritual Life

Boone Center for the Family

The Boone Center strengthens and promotes healthy relationships, marriages, and families by training leaders who reach wider audiences in their communities and providing practical seminars for marriages, family life, and young adult relationships.

Contact: Center for the Family, x4771

Campus Recreation

Our many fitness and recreational offerings provide opportunities to enjoy the spiritual and mental as well as physical benefits of adventure, play, teamwork, and taking care of our bodies as the temple of God. A key feature of our Outdoor Recreation program is our biannual God in the Wilderness trip, which allows students to earn convocation credits.

Contact: Campus Rec

CAPS (Christian Association of Psychological Studies)

CAPS is the largest US nonprofit association of Christians in the counseling and behavioral sciences. The Pepperdine chapter of CAPS meets for fellowship, service, and learning about the integration of our faith and the practice of clinical psychology and marriage and family therapy.

Contact: Kathleen Eldridge, Susan Hall

Center for Faith and Learning

The Center offers support for faculty, staff and students in all five schools of the University as they seek to engage in cutting-edge, original scholarship and classroom teaching within a framework of Christian values and beliefs.

Contact: Stephanie Cupp, x4141

Christian Legal Society

The Christian Legal Society's mission is "to be the national grassroots network of lawyers and law students, committed to proclaiming, loving and serving Jesus Christ, through all we do and say in the practice of law, and advocating biblical conflict reconciliation, public justice, religious freedom and the sanctity of human life."

Contact: Paul Caron

Graduate Student Fellowship

A group for graduate students studying at Drescher Campus to discuss Christianity/Spirituality/Bible, receive spiritual support and enjoy fellowship.

Contact:  Abraham Park, GSBM professor, x5553

GSEP Urban Initiative

GSEP has a partnership with the Hope Gardens Family Center whose comprehensive program helps women and families progress from homelessness toward independent living in 12-36 months.

Interfaith Student Council

The Interfaith Student Council seeks to foster an environment where law school students of different faiths can interact with each other and learn to understand each other on a spiritual or religious level and to be the conduit through which law students can effectively communicate any faith-based concerns with the law school administration.

Contact: Steve Lepley, x6763

Nootbaar Institute for Law, Religion and Ethics

The Institute's purpose is to explore the nexus between law, religion, and ethics. It provides students and faculty the opportunity to explore these areas through interdisciplinary seminars, conferences, and symposia.

Contact: Nootbaar Institute

Hub for Spiritual Life

The Office of the Chaplain (OC) exists to invite the Pepperdine community to an ever-deepening relationship with God and others by affirming our community's faith, facilitating spiritual development, equipping ministry leaders, and providing pastoral care. The chaplains are available for pastoral counseling, encouragement, prayer, and spiritual growth to staff, faculty, and students.

Contact: Sara Barton, x4275; Rachel Collins

Religion Division

The Religion Division offers several undergraduate and graduate level programs with a variety of courses available in Biblical studies and languages, Christian thought, missions, and ministry.

Contact: Tiffany Ferguson, x4352
Ministry Internship Coordinator: David Lemley, x4281

Student-Led Ministries

This office exists to help Pepperdine students grow in Christian faith and character by encouraging, promoting, and supporting student-led, Christian ministries.

Contact: Rachel Collins

Current Ministries

The Village: for Spirituality and Psychology

Our Purpose: To provide members of the Pepperdine community, who are in pursuit of spiritual enhancement or growth, with a space to practice, learn and commune.Our Passion: Our desire is to become a community, a center that broadcasts a response to spirituality and psychology as well as recruiting, equipping, and mobilizing a network of fearless leaders and scholars.

"Moment of Bliss," Thursdays, 10:00 a.m.; Conference call: 605-475-5950 with Passcode: 937-0782#

Contact: Thema Bryant-Davis; Y. Andrea Quintero