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Funding and Objectives

Funding for the CSRI has spanned several periods and several funding sources:

2001-2002 Lilly Endowment Planning Grant
2002-2006 Lilly Endowment Program for the Exploration of Vocation (PTEV) Grant
2006-2009 Lilly Endowment Program Sustaining Grant for PTEV
2009-2012 Dean's Office Research Grants
2014-Present President's Office, Provost's Office, Center for Faith & Learning

Although each of these funding sources have helped us develop and sustain a prolific research program for the last 13+ years, we seek to secure funding that will sustain our work for the long term. We have confidence that a major funding source with whom we have recently been in conversation, will provide long term support for our work, allowing us to achieve our major objective: to become the Christian Faith and Spirituality equivalent of the Higher Education Research Institute, filling a needed void in higher education for students, faculty, staff and alumni at both religious and secular institutions in the American academy.