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Alumni Research

Welcome to the Alumni Research homepage. As an extension of the Christian Spirituality Research Institute, the Alumni Research initiative began in the Fall of 2013. Focusing on postgraduate alumni experiences, Dr. Cindy Miller-Perrin is conducting this research project. She is meeting with alumni around the country to discuss their real life experiences since leaving Pepperdine. The project's overall purpose is to understand how one's sense of life purpose and direction change over time. Complimentary dinner receptions are held prior to the focus groups during which several questions are posed in regards to key mentors, moment of crisis, barriers, and other experiences that have affirmed or shaken one's sense of life purpose. Included on this page are reports from recent events as well as upcoming focus group locations.

Past Events:
Malibu May 2014
Seattle June 2014
Ventura November 2014
Dallas March 2015
San Diego May 2015
Irvine October 2015

Upcoming Events:
Denver August 2016
TBD Fall 2016