Encino Graduate Campus

Facility Services

AV Equipment: Such as VCR's, DVD players, LCD projectors, and drop down screens are standard features in every classrooms.

Ancillary Equipment: Extra speakers, a camcorder with tripod, easels and flip charts are available upon request.

Cancellation of Class: Requires a call to both the Program Office and the Graduate Campus so that we may alert all parties concerned.

Community Clinic: Therapy available by appointment only, confidential direct line 818.501.1678

Courier Service: Between six campuses is available five days a week. Deliveries are made Monday-Friday by 3 P.M.

Security Escort Service: Is available by request. Should you need an escort, please come to the front desk and ask the Coordinator for assistance.

Food in Classroom: Is allowed. Please do not encourage your students to begin the practice of bringing in organized potluck dinners into your classroom.

Internet Access: Is available through

  • WiFi access

Inter-campus Phones: Are located outside Rooms F, the GSEP administration office, the faculty lounge and the faculty kitchen, conference room and hoteling offices.

Mailroom: is located in the faculty lounge. Each professor will have an assigned mailbox while teaching at EGC.

Outside Mail: Can be dropped off at the U.S. Postal mailbox located on the ground floor in the mailroom behind the Outside Waterfall; adjacent to the parking structure elevators. Final pick up is 5PM M-F. Fed-X and UPS drop boxes also available.

Parking: Is provided in a lit, covered structure, and on the roof. Gate ticket or assigned cardkey are required for students. Please bring your parking ticket with you to the front reception desk in Suite #200.

Distance Testing: Is available upon request with advance notice. The Encino staff will be able to assist you on an individual basis but not for an entire class. Please be sure to complete the Proctor form when making this request. For DSO students contact Sandy Harrison at 310.506.6500. GSEP students contact Camille Croswell Andres at 310.568.5661.

Restaurants: There are several restaurants within easy walking distance of the campus (The Stand, Salads Galore) there is also a juice bar in the building (at Equinox).